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2018 Board Nomination Form - download


2018 Golf Committee(s) Nomination Form - download  



    VGL Statement of Purpose and Rules - view


    VGL By-Laws - view 


Membership information to be included on web (Full members) - Enter here

Membership information to be included on web (Restricted Members) - Enter here


    Annual Membership Declaration Full Members - download


    Annual Membership Declaration Restricted Members - download






    Motorised transport application form - download


    Motorised transport approvals listing - view


    PIP Insurance policy - golf equipment   Schedule


    PIP Insurance policy - player personal accident   Schedule


    PIP Insurance policy - public liability    Schedule


    PIP Insurance claim form (Golf Equipment & Liability - download


    PIP Insurance claim form (Personal Injury) - download




              2018 Pennant Managers powerpoint presentation - download

                       Handy Cap App - info download

                       Team App - info download


              2018 Pennant Rules - download


              2018 registration form - Scratch


                                                 - Handicap


                                                 - Seniors


              Team sheet format - download


              Result sheets - Scratch


                                     - Handicap


                                     - Seniors





            2018 Pennant Captain's powerpoint presentation - download

                     Handy Cap App - info download

                       Team App - info download


             2018 Pennant conditions of play - download


            2018 registration form - download


             Result sheet - download


             Notice to opposition teams - download


Golf Rules


   What is the rule - see questions asked by clubs and answers - download


Rules presentation night club level accreditation SUSPENDED until further notice.


Handicapping regulations for Rounds of between 8 and 17 holes  -  see Here




   2018 Women's Event programme



   2018 Men's Events programme